3 Glamorous Hairstyle to Complement Any Wedding Dress in Nashville, TN

Different Wedding Hairstyles

dress5When you think of your wedding, you’ll probably imagine how will you look gorgeous and beautiful on that day. As a bride, the first thing that you’ll probably think about is shopping for a wedding dress in Nashville, TN. A dress is very important. However, if you want to be glamorous as your dress, make sure to look beautiful with the right hairstyle that would complement your dress. Here are the following tips for a beautiful hair in a beautiful wedding gown.

Cascading curls.

        The majority of these curls are pinned up with some curls left cascading down the shoulder so you can still show off your length. This style works best on brides with medium to thick hair to help with fullness from top to bottom. This style will work with any face shape. If you have a long or square face, keep some fringe or curls out around your face. When it comes to a curly bridal hairstyle like this, the last thing you want is frizz. Make sure to use an anti-frizz serum to complete the look.

Vintage Curls.

        Vintage curls are a great twist on the classic down and curled bridal hair. Finger waves and pin curls are softly brushed out to create a really glamorous, timeless curl that would really look fantastic for any wedding dress in Nashville, TN. Brushable hair spray is the key for this hairstyle. The front of this hairstyle is lifted at the crown, making it unflattering for those with a widows peak or a low hairline. If you have a small forehead, consider leaving some bangs out. Make sure that your hair can hold the curls for a long duration to ensure that the execution of this style would be perfect.For this type of hairstyle, it is recommended that you use a bristle brush.

Waterfall Updo.

            The waterfall is a great twist that adds a fabulous effect on any all down style. Each side is twisted to the middle in the back and tied together with hair. Give your curls more movement and texture with spray wax. The waterfall twist will work best on those with long layers and thick hair. This hairstyle can work on any face shape and flatter the look. Tie your waterfall twist together with a clear elastic, then hide the elastic with a strand of hair.